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Author: John Grisham

A powerful tale with social relevance. At the heart of the novel is a man who has a daughter who is raped and tied up and left for dead and a lawyer who believes is his clients cause. Their is social pressure for this lawyer to give up on the case, but will he, no way. The consequences of the rape has ramifications that reaches across the state of Mississippi. One town, Clinton, Mississippi,  becomes divided on the eve of the verdict of this case. This case that reaches the social consciousness of everyone in the community. The following themes can be found in this richly textured novel: crime vs. punishment,  justice vs. the rule of law,  crime vs. society and freedom of speech vs. society. If any of the following piques your interest this will be a terrific read for you. A story that is this compelling is a credit to Grisham's skill as a storyteller. A story worth some consideration. 8/10. FL.