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  Blue Mars

Author: Kim Stanley Robinson

Blue Mars is the finality that the Martian saga deserves. Blue Mars like the previous two books, follows the surviving "first one hundred" group of  explorers.  But unlike the previous two novels, Blue Mars  follows their descendents that have a prominent role in this novel. This novel shows the "first hundred" as outsiders trying to adapt to their society. Their is also a mysterious sentience that cuts these mostly elderly of people's lives short. The brewing of a crisis situation with earth and as well as political wrangling  that would continue to effect everyone differently.  This novel shows the continued growth of human habitation throughout the cosmos and how Mars still has a leading role. If you enjoyed the first and/or second novel this will not disappoint. The themes that prevail in this book are the good of society vs. personal aspirations and societal evolution vs. immigration pressures. Through this novel failed to reproduce the magic of the first one, this is still a superb conclusion of the story of a civilization known as the Martians. Impressive, social conscious,  relevant. 9/10. FL.