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Green Mars

Author: Kim Stanley Robinson

Green Mars follows the lives of the surviving members of "the first one hundred" (see Red Mars 1 of 3). These elite scientists were briefed by their space programs to carry out the task of terra-forming the planet. However after partial completion of their objective they soon became aware of the actual agenda their superiors had in mind for them. Having been disgraced after a failed attempt at independence by powers that controlled both planets they became war criminals. They were hunted. They were killed. They had to hide in the badlands, in the south to avoid capture of these unscrupulous people.

The story is compelling due to elements that made Red Mars such a reader's sensation. Robinson creates a similar web by grabbing the readers attention by focusing the novel on characters that the reader will want the follow through the plot. The author is especially adept at  letting you preview the thoughts of what were the most famous people on both planets. I do not want to ruin the experience of  reading this epic novel but the remaining first hundred could not stay hidden forever. When you combine compelling characters with advanced scientific concepts that probably took years of research you have the solid basis for a fan favorite. When the following is combined with a interesting seigniorial, on a epic canvas you get a Picasso. Off goes that scientist's ear. Robinson definitely has the patent on suspense that keeps readers rapt with anticipation. You will thoroughly enjoy  this novel if the following themes interest you. Human resources vs. Corporate interests. Environmental preservation vs. Terra-forming. Political vs. Economical power structures.  Person vs. Changing Society (society values). Though this novel is imaginative, this future was introduced masterfully in Red Mars and therefore as a continuation I cannot recommend it as highly.  However it is well worth the time and your money. It gets a solid 8/10 rating. Goallllllllllllaa!  FL.