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EROTICA: The Love Flower

AUTHOR: Joan Elizabeth Lloyd


     I read in a popular men's magazine (Maxim) that this author's books were extremely sexy and I had to find out if their assessment was correct, so I picked this novel up. It is true these are the types of books that you'd be embarrassed to read in public, but in the bedroom, anything goes. That is just what happened and this is how I feel about this book. I can't really talk about how I feel (sorry), but if you want to get aroused, this is a good book to do so.

     Fran Caputo is a divorced woman that has lived in Nebraska her entire life. She has an ordinary job, working in the video store, but has a hidden passion, writing erotic stories. However her ordinary existence is interrupted by call from her agent that she has been nominated for a prestigious literary award. She is that is faced with the difficult decision of whether to represent her pseudonym Nichole St. Michelle at the award banquet in New York? It clear that she is uncomfortable about sex and it is a decision that if she choices to go may change her reality forever.

    The story of Fran and her ethical dilemma is a very interesting adventure. She has a life that involves working at the local video store while it pays for her rent is personally unfulfilling. However she has a interesting hobby of writing erotic stories that she receives a small amount of income from but is much more personally satisfying for her. When faced with the decision of having to become the fantasy author of The Love Flower so that she could embark on a new career as erotica author she is hesitant to take the risk. The journey of Fran's self discovery is compelling because we emphasize with her and want her to be happy. To accomplish this Joan Elizabeth Lloyd creates the ideal background to become enamored with Fran and her personal situation. Lloyd includes enough sizzling sexual fantasies to keep our attention (all night) and with the reader becoming sympathetic of Fran plight; makes the fantasies  much more potent.

    The themes that are apparent in this novel are often a indication of whether of not this book will  appeal to you, so here they are. Personal Ethics vs. Personal Freedoms, Public Perception vs. Personal fulfillment, personal identity vs. public perception and Personal Freedoms vs. Public Perceptions. If the following themes interest you, this could be your cherry pie.

    Damn, sexy story, creates long nights without much sleep. Joan Elizabeth Lloyd really knows how to set the mood by developing a character in the context of the story that you can sympathize with. The sexual fantasies sizzle so, go away, I'm reading. Who says reading is boring never read this book. Nice Letters, 8/10. FL.